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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  November 19, 2014 2:40am-4:01am EST

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a $29 value, free! don't wait until you become the next victim! call the number on your screen for 60 days of lifelock identity theft protection risk free and get a document shredder free. use promo code: notme. call the number on your screen now. ♪ authorities are calling it an absolute epidemic of abuse debt collection practices. a multimillion-dollar collection scam. >> they are rounding up suspects
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accused of bullying suspects into paying debts they didn't own. here now rebecca jarvis. >> you are going around getting loans. you're on your way to jail. >> reporter: according to federal regulators, that debt collector is actually a thief. >> i'm going to send you out a letter. if i do not hear from you within two hours the attorney will forward it to los angeles county for a warrant to be issued for your arrest. >> reporter: the u.s. government announcing charges against william scott and associates. seven employees accused of scamming 6,000 victims. no one off limits. >> you think an 8 months pregnant woman -- >> i wouldn't care if you are nine months pregnant. i have a job here to do. >> allegedly scaring them into forking over $4 million in bogus don'ts. >> we shut down one company today. they recommendize tens of
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thousands if not hundreds of thousands of people all over the knts. >> reporter: the criminals may know more information about you that they've gathered through the internet. but harassing phone calls, threats of jailtime, telling you they've informed friends, family even employers about the debts should be red flags. those are illegal and you should hang up the phone. rebecca jarvis, abc news. >> those folks can be nasty on the phone and aggressive. somebody tell you they're going to send somebody to arrest you, scare the mess out of you. >> i know. they say 1 in 3 adults with a credit history, 77 million people, are behind in their debts so they raise a risk of potentially being part of a scheme like this. making a pilgrimage. the arkansas tourist attractions of the former president and first lady. >> i'm going to take you back to
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my home state for this. reena and i are coming to little rock for the clinton chronicles. that's next on "world news now." >> announcer: "world news now" continues after this from our
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♪ that's just rude. who is being presumptive. what writer put this in here. growing up in arkansas, i didn't see too many tourists walking around. who was trying to get me to dog my own home state? what in the world? who is responsible for this? we have plenty of tourism in arkansas. this is a mess. they come to see different stuff, but they're coming. tourism is a booming industry in arkansas. okay. i know i'm in new york. we don't have skyscrapers and whatnot but we've got something
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going on there. >> oh, boy. >> now we've got a new tourist attraction. the billgrimage is what they are talking about. >> touring all of bill clinton's previous stomping grounds. >> reporter: thanks to the political star power of bill clinton, all that has changed. it's called a billgrimmage, when people come to arkansas solely to learn about the former president. >> come. we want you. we welcome you to come. >> reporter: a classic billgrimmage includes going to four cities in arkansas. hope, where bill clinton was born. hot springs where he attended high school, fayetteville where he and hillary clinton taught law and the state's capital, little rock where he later opened his presidential library. joe pervez, who lives in little rock, says there's five historic sites in the city any billgram must see.
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>> we're looking dead ahead at the governor's mansion. and there's the bust of president clinton. >> reporter: second, a small house the clintons once lived in. >> right here. this is where they lived when he -- the two years he was not governor of arkansas. it's a neat house. >> reporter: next, the old statehouse. >> the old state house which is where we're headed was a place near and dear to him. it's where he came and gave the post-election speech on election night. election night '92 was unlike anything i've ever seen. >> reporter: then the capitol building. >> this is the state capitol. completed about 1914 when it replaced the old state capitol. the old state house. this was his domain. >> reporter: and finally, the main event, the library, which houses nearly 1,000 artifacts from his eight years in the white house. the term billgrimage was coined ten years ago after the opening of the clinton presidential
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library. 3 million people from around the world have made the trek to little rock to see it. this tourism has given the city a $3.3 million boost over the past decade. >> the clinton presidential library was transformational for central arkansas. we've seen a tremendous boom in economic development, expansion, revitalization. >> when he announced and they finally were for sure going to build it, everything started to change. >> reporter: part of that is the restaurants and a true billgrimage cannot end without indulging in local cuisine. for joe it's the ribs from sim's barbecue. >> up town fools comes in here and try to eat this with a knife and fork. this is finger food. >> okay. here i go. that is so good. >> as bill clinton once said. barbecue in the south is not a meal. it's a way of life.
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it's that time. time for the people magazine annual list of sexiest men. they dubbed the sexiest man alive. this year's winner didn't even make the list last year. >> this year we have the "people's" choice, chris hemsworth. >> are you chris hemsworth? >> yes. >> jimmy kimmel crowned the new god of sexy. and it turns out, he's a superhero. >> you don't threaten me, thor. >> chris hemsworth from "thor" and "rush." and that's not the only reason the 31-year-old aussie is "people's" sexiest man alive. he stands tall at 6'3". he's got piercing blue eyes and he's not afraid to show some skin. but ladies, he's not single. hemsworth is a doting husband
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and a loving father of three. meanwhile, little brother liam could be gaining ground. he's busy fighting his own battles in "the hunger games." but for the next year at least, we think chris gets bragging rights. >> is there anyone you'd like to thank for this honor? >> my parents, i guess, for putting this together. >> and that's right. >> that's a good line. putting this together. >> got to thank mama. >> i didn't realize that was his brother. >> you didn't know that? >> it makes perfect sense now but didn't realize. >> oh, i really knew that. >> this must have been more than five years ago before you got married. >> it actually was but we're still friends. >> why do you have that look on your face? >> because i saw my future husband walk by and realized it was over. >> realized you were in the wrong place with the sexiest man alive. ( bell rings ) they remind me so much of my grandkids.
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this morning on "world news now" -- punishing storm. 60 inches of snow and it's still falling. the state of emergency in the great lakes and the human toll from this uns precedented arctic blast. on edge as ferguson awaits a grand jury decision in the michael brown case, a seemingly simple question for missouri's leader, who is in charge here? >> it's, you know, we'll -- i just don't want to get into operational details. >> the question the governor could not answer. a brave new world for a child forced to live in a bubble because even the most common germs could kill her. >> we couldn't believe it. you know. >> the remarkable advance giving families a new start. it's wednesday, november 19th.
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>> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." good morning an this very cold wednesday. i'm reena ninan. >> i'm t.j. holmes. we've been talking about this storm and this snow. now a deadly snowstorm now. that's where we begin. it's still pounding the great lakes region. >> at least forpeople have died in the buffalo, new york, area. the national guard is being sent to help plow roads buried under four feet snoef. >> this is time lapse video. it shows those storm clouds rolling into buffalo. those clouds now dumping snow at a rate of five inches an hour. let's turn to abc's gio benitez in buffalo for us. >> reporter: record-breaking cold for millions and an incredible wintry mess. in just 24 hours, over four feet of lake effect snow ponding the region. drifts up to seven feet.
3:02 am
>> snowblower doesn't even do anything. >> reporter: many cars buried. hundreds of drivers stranded for hours, including jake haze. >> stuck here since about 5:00 a.m. as you can see, it's white everywhere. cars are stuck. we weren't going anywhere probably for a while. >> we are having some difficulty in obtaining enough tow trucks to help clean the roads of cars that are abandoned. >> reporter: in kalamazoo, these semi trucks crashed. both drivers survived. all night and day, viewers sending images documenting the snow's depth. this woman completely disappearing into a snow drift. the bone-shattering cold for more than 225 million americans from kansas city, where they hit a new record low, all the way to atlanta, where windchills were in the teens. back in buffalo, the concern is now what happens when all of this snow melts? with more storms on the way, officials are concerned about
3:03 am
serious potential flooding here. gi o benitez, abc news, buffalo, new york. before any melting can take place, another round of snow is on the way tonight. >> our coverage continues at accuweather with meteorologist jim dickey. good morning. >> good morning. lake effect snow continues through these morning hours. we'll see more intermittent activity around the buffalo area compared to what we saw yesterday. over four feet of snow in some locations just south of the city. while we keep it intermittent today it winds back up tonight and on into and through our thursday. certainly more snow to come in the areas. into the southeast, cold air stays in place here. many spots challenging record lows through the early morning hours
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>> waiting for the grand jury decision in the shooting of bro. after declaring state of emergency, the governor was at a loss for words twhen came to the details of his game plan. here's more from abc's. >> listen to what he said when asked if he is ultimately responsible for keeping the peace. >> does the buck ultimately stop with you when it comes to how any protests are policed? >> you know, it -- >> it was a news conference over the phone the governor himself called. >> it's, you know, i just don't want to get into operational details. >> i guess another way of putting that, is there any one official or agency ultimately in charge here in terms of response? >> well, i mean, it -- clearly, i mean -- >> these are clearly sensitive times in missouri. the grand jury debating possible
3:06 am
charges in the police shooting death of michael brown could finish any day. they worry the racially charged case could bring more of this, demonstrators fighting with police in the streets and chiefs using it as a dice rob and loot. at an event in ferguson where he swore in a commission to look at issues, he took a little more ownership. >> immediately after signing executive order calling up the assets of the state, quite frankly, i thought it was relatively obvious. >> reporter: the government is working police assigned to work the streets after the decision they could be targets for extremists. police are telling us it's important to remember they have families, too. steve osunsami, abc news, ferguson. an investigation is under way in a chicago neighborhood remains stunned after a plane crashed into a house in the middle of the night killing the pilot. the twin engine cargo plane nose dives through the roof narrowly
3:07 am
missing an elderly couple who had been rescued. the pilot reported engine trouble shortly after takeoff. this was just blocks away from midway airport. about 40 people rushed to the hospital after a massive chemical explosion at a waste treatment plant in southern california. a chemical truck burst into flames. it contained organic peroxide. even some of the firefighters boots caught fire. surrounding homes were evacuated but the injuries all said to be nonlife threatening. a mix of oil and politics has failed to ignite legislation that's been languishing in the senate for six years. the keystone pipeline bill failed to pass in the senate late last night by just one vote. chuck sivertsen has the story. >> reporter: it went down to the wire and the senate failed to pass a bill authorizing the controversial keystone xl pipeline. >> the bill is not passed. >> after the vote it was clear
3:08 am
this was not the end of the debate. >> it is about energy. it is about jobs and economic growth and it is about national security. >> reporter: likely next year when the gop takes control of the senate. the bill will be introduced again and pass. the nearly 1200-mile pipeline would run from canada to the gulf of mexico. supporters say it will boost u.s. energy independence and the economy. but opponents say it could cause devastating damage in the states it runs through. >> it is providing the ability of canada to pump their oil, send it through our land, down to the gulf where it will be sold everywhere else. >> the pipeline has been six years in the making but the timing of the house and senate votes were politics pure and simple. the house bill was introduced by bill cassidy. the senate bill by louisiana democrat mary landrieu. the two are now squaring off in a run-off election in december for landrieu's seat. to boost landrieu's chances at the polls, some of her fellow
3:09 am
democrats dropped their opposition to the bill. but to no avail. the vote failed by one vote. the two candidates will have to wait until early december to see if this vote will make a difference. chuck sivertsen, abc news, new york. this might be a good morning to check that 401(k) simply because both the dow and s&p 500 open for trading at record highs. all three major averages posted gains yesterday an encouraging economic news here and overseas. the next market driver will be what consumers do this holiday season. >> new customer perk being offered at starbucks. wireless charging for your cell phone. >> it's starting in about 200 locations in the san francisco bay area. users will just put their phones on a surface where an electrical current creates a magnetic field which powers your phone. >> it's been around for a while and nobody wants to use it. you still have to plug this little pad into the outlet, but
3:10 am
it also takes forever. it seems to not charge as quickly. that's why people aren't into it. >> if it takes off, they might move it to hotels and restaurants and airports. i never have my charger with me. >> so this would be good for you. >> what if you belly up to the bar and -- >> now you're talking. >> now you'll stick around longer and pay for more drinks. >> call a cab after you're done. barely a week away from thanksgiving day and crews are working overtime preparing for the macy's day thanksgiving parade. a sneak peek. some of the new floats. five newcomers this year. the dora and friends. also girl power goldylocks. >> and pirates booty is brand new along with the beauty of beijing and at the ballpark featuring a jumbotron where many spectators will see themselves. i've always felt that the best seat for the macy's thanksgiving
3:11 am
day parade is at home. >> your living room. >> i'm with you 100%. i'm itching to go down there at least once and get the experience out of the way. >> have you done it? >> i haven't. but if it's going to be 30 degrees -- >> maybe next year. >> maybe it will be 70 degrees. coming up, what doughnuts and other fatty treats can do to your brain. hopefully it's something positive, but i doubt it. >> i doubt it. a brand new firefighter paying tribute to her dad's unforgettable legacy. you're watching "world news now." >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by lifelock. with her debit card. and so does bill, an identity thief who stole mary's identity, took over her bank accounts, and stole her hard earned money. unfortunately, millions of americans just like you learn all it may take is a little misplaced information
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you have so much to protect and nothing to lose when you call lifelock right now and get 60 days of identity theft protection risk free. that's right. 60 days risk free! use promo code: notme. order now, and get this document shredder to help keep sensitive documents out of the wrong hands... a $29 value, free! don't wait until you become the next victim! call the number on your screen for 60 days of lifelock identity theft protection risk free and get a document shredder free. use promo code: notme. call the number on your screen now.
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new study suggesting that the more transfats you eat, the less you will be able to remember. researchers found as levels of trans fats in men under 45 increase they performed worse on word memory tests. the results are the latest reason to avoid those trans fas which are still found in many packaged or processed foods. if you eat all that stuff, apparently you'll forget you ate it anyway. >> does that include the boston cream pie doughnut? >> i dont know that one. >> chocolate stuffed with -- >> now i know what to bring for breakfast for you. >> thank you. >> i think it's bad for you. >> yeah. we turn to a major medical advance. a remarkable treatment that can cure the so-called bubble baby disease. children born with no immune system. >> it's taken three decade of research and now it's curing children of the disease. linsey davis has the story. >> reporter: it's the dramatic deadly disease depictsed in this
3:16 am
episode of "grey's anatomy." bubble baby disease as it's called where patients are born with no immune system and must stay isolated from germs. for these new parents it became real life for one of their twins. >> i just knew something was wrong with her. >> reporter: her fear is confirmed. >> severe combined immune deficiency is a rare disease where kids are born and they look fine at birth but they don't have an immoon system. >> reporter: even a cold can be deadly. >> we couldn't believe it. >> you just realize that i have a pair of babies and i'm going to keep them that way. >> reporter: today most patients go through bone marrow transplants but the girls don't match so evangeline qualifies for a clinical trialution gene therapy. her blood stem cells are removed from the bone marrow and used her own cells with no side effects.
3:17 am
ucla's doctor developed the treatment over three decades. >> when we transplant them barks it's their own cells so it's a perfect match. they grow a whole immune system and lead normal lives. >> today evangeline is one of 18 children cured of this disease by ucla. evangelina is no longer just alive. she is living, taking trips to the beach and about to celebrate her 2nd birthday. linsey davis, abc news, new york. >> what a great story. >> wow. he's dedicated 30 years of his life to doing this research, and now it's paying off possibly. still has to get some fda approval and go through some of that. it should be. it should be tested and things need to take place. it happens, fine. still you can't wait to see this be available for everybody that could possibly use it. >> they may try it with sickle cell disease. it will be interesting. >> great story. coming up -- following in dad's footsteps. the daughter of a 9/11 hero with
3:18 am
the ultimate tribute to his legacy. one of the newest members of new york's bravest. in our next half hour, an undercover investigation with the recall expanding to millions, cars with faulty air bags are still being sold off the let. we'll hear from the dealers and what they had to say about this. you're watching "world news now." >> announcer: "world news now" continues after thi
3:19 am
the newest members of new york's bravest, josephine smith is carrying on her father's legacy. she's the first daughter of a
3:20 am
firefighter killed on 9/11, to become a firefighter herself. >> it's something she wanted to do her own life and she's proudly following in her dad's footsteps. here's abc's david muir. >> reporter: they are some of the defining images of 9/11. so many running for their lives and the brave first responders, the firefighters, running in. among them, kevin smith who was 47, a firefighter, and a dad. and ever since, one of his children, josephine, with a pledge to make her father proud. sitting in their chairs, brand new firefighters. at the very end of that row right there in the middle, josephine. her pledge all those years ago was to become a firefighter herself. now smiling just like her dad once did. all of the training to get her, telling us her father's voice pushing her every step of the way. >> training was tough. thought about him when i was tired and wanted to stop. just keep going. keep punishing.
3:21 am
>> reporter: and she did. on that stage in her uniform and white gloves, they called her name. >> josephine smith. >> reporter: the promise to her father kept. still wearing a bracelet with his name, those same letters now etched into the edge of one of the reflecting pools at the memorial. josephine is just one of four women in a class of 280. she told us it's been tough without her dad, still unable to enter the 9/11 museum. she got to the edge of the stairs. what she is ready for is the fight when that call comes in in honor of her father, making good on that promise. david muir, abc news, new york. boy, that story gives you chills. >> totally does. >> goodness gracious. congratulations to her. her dad apparently was -- his entire hazmat unit killed on 9/11. man, that story gives you goosebumps.
3:22 am
>> turning something into such good. four extra women, all thanks to that unit now. stay with us. we'll be right back on "world news now." ll only go so far. literally. you had to go deep into the cupboard. embarrassingly deep. can this mismatched mess be conquered... by a little bit of dish liquid? it can if it's dawn ultra. it's more concentrated... ...just one bottle has the grease cleaning power of two bottles of this bargain brand. here's to the over-extended family gathering. dawn, it's amazing what a drop can do.
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once we kept the lights on. but then we started using k-y yours & mine. yeah, we were nervous to try it. there's an amazing sensation for her. amazing. this one feels fantastic for me. and combined... ohh, it's a completely new sensation for us both. it's opened a whole new door for us. i've come to clean your pool. but we don't have a pool. i'll come in anyway. next week i'm going to be a maid.
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[ female announcer ] k-y yours & mine. his excites. hers delights. together feel them ignite. keep life sexy. time for "the mix." are you one who hits the snooze button a lot? >> no, i'm up at the 'em. >> this app is not for reena. this app that right now is in the uk but we could see it here eventually. it's called i cuckoo. any time you hit the snooze button it automatically makes a donation to charity. you hit the snooze button, yes, but it's going to a good cause. if you wake up, that's a good thing, too. it's a win-win -- >> but you don't get money if you wake up. >> if you get up and go to work, your check is coming friday. but it's a cool app. >> all right. people talk about carbon dioxide
3:26 am
emissions. nasa took carbon dioxide emissions over one year. this was done by a model calls gios 5. they fed it into a model and let that model simulate this movement of carbon dioxide throughout the earth's atmosphere. these are from may 2005 to june 2007 and a lot of buzz about how carbon dioxide levels climb. >> it's beautiful, though. >> they wanted to prove the point. >> it's interesting to watch. puts you in a little bit of a trance. but it's all bad is what you're telling me. next, a game bull to talk about. they saved the bull's life. what you are seeing there is a beloved bull we can call it now. benji is the name. benji turns out would not mate. was more interested in the other bulls than in the heifers, if
3:27 am
you will. so the farmer there said i don't have any use for this bull. i need him to mate. let me send him on to the slaughterhouse. one person that got involved is a co-creator of "the simpsons." he donated money to save the bull. most end up in the slaughterhouse. he said to kill the thing because it's gay is a double tragedy and there you have it. they saved benji. >> that's a signal that this story is no bull. you like that? i was wondering why you were quiet. >> i was teeing it up for you, t.j. this could be the dolphin whisperer. this young lady did a little bit of gymnastics and made the dolphin smile. that's the buzz that people say. all of it taking place with 100,000 views in two to three days. the dolphin whisperer.
3:28 am
>> do dolphins
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3:30 am
this morning on "world news now" -- deadly snowstorm. the human toll after several feet of snow slam an area of the great lakes. the state of emergency as another round of snow moves in. frightening crash. the small plane that crashed into a house shaking an entire neighborhood. the couple sleeping just a few feet from death. exploding air bags. the defect in millions of vehicles, including some for sale on used car lots. could a dealer be selling you a dangerous ride? and revealing the sexiest man alive. jimmy kimmel just showed off this year's hottest hunk. the big moment and the bragging rights in "the skinny" on this wednesday, november 19th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." >> hey there. good morning to you all.
3:31 am
thank you for being here on this wednesday. right? i had to get it right in my head. >> you got it. you nailed it. >> i'm t.j. holmes. >> i'm reena ninan. >> thanks for beginning part of your early morning with us. we have to start with this -- it was nasty, cold, and now a deadly snowstorm. >> it is a deadly snowstorm pounding the great lakes area. >> blamed on at least four deaths around buffalo, new york. national guard has been sent in to help plow through four feet of snow. >> stranded in that snow, the niagara university women's basketball team stuck inside a snowbound bus on their way home from pittsburgh. first responders bringing them snacks. our coverage begins with abc's marci gonzalez. >> reporter: a waist high early welcome to winter. blinding snow blasting upstate new york. you can see this wall of clouds moving into buffalo bringing with it what could be the area's worst snowstorm ever for this early in the season.
3:32 am
more than four feet of snow already on the ground, and it's not letting up. at least another foot of snow still in the forecast. people in grand rapids, michigan, dealing with much of the same. shoveling out, along with more than half of the country blanketed in white. the frozen mess wreaking havoc on the roads. from this car caught on a dash cam slipping and slamming into a wisconsin state trooper's squad car, to kentucky where this ambulance flipped sending two people to the hospital. in pennsylvania, the first snow of the season triggered nearly 80 accidents. >> i hate the snow. it if it came the last day of winter, it would be too soon for me. >> reporter: not everyone feelss that way, though. this panda at the toronto zoo cannot get enough. even where there's no snow to play in, they are feeling this pre-winter blast with all 50 states dealing with temperatures at or below freezing. through much of the northeast
3:33 am
it's about 20 degrees colder than normal, and it's expected to say this way through the end of the week. marci gonzalez, abc news, new york. more snow is on the way in the great lakes as more record-breaking cold freezes the south. >> accuweather's jim dickey with all the details for us. good morning, jim. >> good morning, reena and t.j. heavy lake effect snow continues across the great lakes. already over four feet of snow in some spots in and around buffalo. does wind down a bit here today. a weak system presses through the late part of the day today and lake effect snow will ramp back up behind that and blast through thursday. certainly not done here. we're going to see some amazing snow totals. meanwhile, keeping it quite cold. challenging record lows once again through these early morning hours. reena and t.j., back to you. >> jim, thank you. overseas where there's shock and anger in jerusalem following a deadly terror attack. three american rabbis are among the dead. a police officer died of his wounds hours after the attack. two palestinians who carried out the assault were killed by
3:34 am
police and their homes destroyed by the israeli government. as ferguson, missouri, and the rest of the country await the grand jury decision in the shooting death of michael brown, the governor has named the members of a new commission. 16 people were sworn in yesterday. the racially diverse group is charged with looking into issues in the aftermath of the shooting and helping the community heal. the body of a woman who died in new york is being tested for ebola even though they don't think she had the virus. the victim in her early 40s collapsed at a brooklyn beauty salon because of an apparent heart attack. because she had recently arrived from west africa, public health investigators say they're acting out of an abundance of caution. a chicago home is a total loss after a deadly plane crash. the small plane was removed yesterday after slamming into the house in the middle of the night ending up just inches from the family inside. more from abc's alex perez. >> reporter: shortly after takeoff from chicago's midway airport, the pilot radios for help. >> i'd like to come back and
3:35 am
land. i'm having trouble with the left engine. >> reporter: the pilot, the only person on board, was just a quarter mile from the airport but never made it back. >> still with me? >> he went down. didn't make it to the airfield. >> he didn't make it to the field. looked like he just went down. >> reporter: the twin engine prop plane crashed through the front of the home and into the basement killing the pilot. sleeping in their bedroom, an elderly couple miraculously both walking away without a scratch. >> the wreckage about eight inches from them. >> reporter: a neighbor ran in before rescue crews arrived. >> i saw part of the airplane inside in the kitchen. >> reporter: she helped to get the elderly couple to safety. the couple's family relieved and grateful. >> can you describe your parents right now? all this -- after all this? >> they are in a safe place and really shooken up. >> reporter: authorities spent most of the day trying to clear the wreckage. the ntsb is investigating, but a final report not expected for at least six months.
3:36 am
alex perez, abc news, chicago. crews are working to clear the scene of a deadly tractor trailer accident in new jersey. it happened last night on a busy stretch of the new jersey turnpike. three big rigs were involved. all of them caught fire. at least one person was killed. police are looking into what went wrong. comedian tracy morgan survived a crash on that same highway five months ago. and now his lawyers say he suffered a severe brain injury. you'll remember a walmart truck slammed into a limo van carrying morgan and several friends on their way back from a show in delaware. one person was killed. the lawyers say morgan may never be able to return to the person he was before the accident. there's been a major development overnight in a growing sex scandal surrounding bill cosby. netflix is postponing a stand-up comedy special starring cosby. the special was taped on cosby's 77th birthday in july. it was set to hit netflix november 28th.
3:37 am
a judge ruled the abuse of power case against governor rick perry can move forward. perry, a possible white house contender, is accused of pressuring a district attorney to step down after she was convicted of drunk driving. he says the charges are politically motivated. the nfl players union wasted no time announcing an immediate appeal of the season-ending suspension of vikings star adrian peterson. in a scathing letter to peterson, league commissioner roger goodell says the minnesota running back won't be consider forward reinstatement before next april 15th. peterson will continue being paid during his appeal, but once his suspension officially begins, he won't receive a salary. this follows the settlement of his child abuse case. the players union claims it's an example of the nfl's unfair and inconsistent discipline process. just in time for its most important games of the year, usc reinstated defense back man josh shaw. he made headlines in august claiming he was hurt after jumping from a balcony to save his nephew from drowning.
3:38 am
that was a lie. he jumped from the balcony after an argument with his girlfriend. he won't be charged in the case. a teen from philadelphia is making international history this morning. 18-year-old neha gupta is the first american to win the international children's peace prize. gupta who started a charity to benefit orphans at the age of nine accepted the prize at the hague in the netherlands yesterday from desmond tutu. we just featured her a couple of days ago on "world news now." we knew this could happen, and it did happen. >> talk about age doesn't matter. she started doing this at 9. selling her own toys. the charity raised more than $1.3 million. helped more than 25,000 kids, and she said all this started when she visited her grandparents in india and felt bad for these kids. >> sometimes we feature kids that are pretty impressive. it gives you hope sometimes with all the depressing news throughout. congratulations to her. moving on to another student making the show for the way he rolls.
3:39 am
well, he rolls because he really has been rolling. >> this is jeffrey. he's been attending class on long island the last couple of days thanks to a robot on wheels with his face in the monitor. he can see and hear what's going on in class and even talk to teachers and his classmates. >> he's using it because he just had an emergency appendix surgery. doctors told him to stay home for a while. luckily, or unluckily, his mom works for the company that makes the robot. pretty lucky for this guy, i would say. >> you know i'm working to get one of these sent into this studio next week. >> so you can phone in from home. >> can you imagine? >> you want to do it from your bedroom. >> why isn't everyone doing this? everybody should be doing this. are you kidding me? >> i think it's pretty cool. i'd send that thing everywhere. >> can we do it for the show? >> of course. of course we can. >> i think the viewers would know the difference. coming up, everybody is a
3:40 am
charlie brown fan, right? the script says fans of charlie brown and snoopy. there's nobody who doesn't like charlie brown and snoopy. you've waited a long time for a big announcement. it's now here. that story in "the skinny." >> the song you either love or hate that could be the next gangnam style. >> hate, hate. >> why do you hate it so much? >> just listen for a second. ♪ >> you're watching "world news now." >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by colonial penn life insurance. [ rob ] we weren't always the most adventurous couple.
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start healthing. that major automotive air bag recall is about to get a whole lot bigger. federal regulators are calling on automakers to expand the recall from just two states to nationwide. more than 14 million vehicles from 11 automakers have already been recalled over the defect linked to at least five deaths in which the air bag explodes
3:44 am
spraying deadly metal shrapnel. >> with millions of vehicles being recalled, how many car owners will know if they are at risk? >> will a used car dealer even tell you about the recall? abc's gio benitez went undercover. >> reporter: when 29-year-old stephanie erdman got into a car accident last year it was the air bag that caused the most damage. >> it's supposed to protect me and help me in a crash. >> reporter: she says this piece of twisted metal shot out of the air bag and into her face. >> i had a massive strike on my right side. >> reporter: her car is 1 of about 8 million subject to an air bag recall. some of those are now for sale in used car lots. we wanted to see what used car dealers tell customers about this potential danger. in three states out of nine dealers, only one checked on the spot. >> the customer just wanted to know if there were any recalls.
3:45 am
>> reporter: but this salesman says this suv has no recall for the air bags. >> but you can tell me there's no recall? >> there's not a recall on this one. >> not for the air bags? >> wrong. so we made a return visit. you told jerry this didn't have a recall. but it does. >> it does? >> yeah. roberto says it's not his fault. it's the manufacturer's. >> do you feel any responsibility for the kinds of cars you're selling? >> of course, yes. we need somebody to let us know and that person is the company, the manufacturer. >> reporter: the problem is recall letters go to the registered owner, and the owner hadn't registered this suv. the owner told us, quote, we are not required by law to check for recalls. and he's right. there is no federal law stopping used car dealers from selling cars with open recalls or requiring them to check. for now, it's up to the consumer. gio benitez, abc news, new york. >> got to check. >> you have to ask, but the guy might have honestly not known or thought he was saying the right
3:46 am
thing, or he could have been up to something, but still. the vin number. it's the responsibility of the consumer. >> get the vin number, call the dealership. they can check to see if everything has been updated. >> our producer just said, what about rental cars? are those being checked out? >> never know. coming up -- the newly crowned sexiest man alive. no, it's not that guy next to me. >> i'm sure that's what they were thinking. a superstar surprising fans as a secret santa. "the skinny" is next. >> announcer: "world news now" continues after this from our abc stat
3:47 am
3:48 am
♪ skinny so skinny ♪ big breaking news. this is a big deal. aults always a big deal. "people's" sexiest man alive has been crowned, and who is it? >> the competition is pretty tough. tough and pretty. there can only be one, at least for this year. the big reveal, the sexiest man is -- chris hemsworth. look at him. "people" magazine naming the 31-year-old aussie actor with the prestigious title. >> most people know him as thor. also the star of ron howard's "rush." he thought it was funny when he first heard he was being named
3:49 am
the sexiest man alive. he had to go tell his wife. you're married to me! he told his wife, hey, i've made it now. congrats to him. and this is a likable guy. >> that's why we like this choice. >> congrats to him. >> you aren't jealous, are you? >> which part? of him or that he was crowned? >> that it didn't come to you unfortunately. >> no, my year is coming. >> there you go. you heard it here first. man of modesty. just in time for the holidays, a new spin on a holiday classic. >> "frozen" sensation adena manzel and michael bouble have lent their voices to the holiday favorite "baby, it's cold outside" but we don't see them in it. ♪ >> yes, their voices are coming out of the mouths of kids dressed up in deco era glamour. they took the trouble to desexualize some of the lyrics.
3:50 am
to make it sort of less creepy coming out of the mouths of kids. >> that song needs to be desexualized? "baby, it's cold outside"? >> why it's sort of a -- had a little nuance to it. >> really? >> this is tasteful. >> i need to look up those lyrics. i missed something in that song. we'll stick with the kids theme here and the holidays. >> our first glimpse of the first official trailer for the peanuts movie. there's christmas, snoopy as a flying ace and paris. but that's just a teaser. >> the movie set to premiere in theaters next year, november 6th, 2015. that's 50 years after the release of the 1965 classic "a charlie brown classic." a lot of people will be marking their calendars. >> i love charlie brown. charlie brown and the pumpkin patch, charlie brown christmas, charlie brown valentine's day? is there a charlie brown fourth of july? >> everybody is going to go see it. all of us.
3:51 am
adults, kids, everybody loves this. she's the gift that keeps on giving. you know who i'm talking about. >> everybody knows. >> taylor swift. the current queen of "the skinny." she's wasting no time getting into the holiday spirit spread something christmas cheer. >> the pop princess has been sending some care packages to her biggest fans and they've been sharing their experiences on social media. she's been known to follow her fans on twitter and sent them gifts with personally handwritten notes. some of the gift recipients have been going through difficult things in their lives. she's trying to lift their spirits. >> killing her fans with kindness. they can't seem to believe it. some are convinced nothing in life will ever surpass this. t-swift striking yet again. >> you'll see her in "the skinny" again tomorrow. let's see who is celebrating their birthday. larry king, 81. >> calvin klein, 72. >> meg ryan, 53. >> and fellow actress jodie foster, turning 52 today. happy birthday, folks. coming up, the song that
3:52 am
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no, that is not kim kardashian. we're looking live at the crossroads of the world. you know, the champagne thing. times square and the new gigantic digital billboard that just went live. it's about the length of a football field. remember kim kardashian, the champagne -- >> there was something missing from the scene that didn't make me think kardashian. this has the highest resolution compared to anything out there and estimated at 300,000 pedestrians pack times square every single day. now even more eye candy for all those daily droves. we've been seeing this countdown. it's finally there. i'm excited. are you? >> yeah. i bet we'll see kim kardashian. >> she was watching the champagne -- >> on her --
3:56 am
>> back there. t.j. showed me this video yesterday for the first time. all i can say is wow. it's being called the next "gangnam style." you decide if you want to jump on the bandwagon. >> it's the latest -- you are all going to see what she's talking about. go ahead. ♪ >> skimpy chicken costumes. women hiding behind a giant band-aid. and whatever the heck this is. no, you're not hallucinating. this is the bizarre music video for "chick chick" by a chinese singer. and it's going viral. viewed more than 6 million times in less than a month. there may be a reason "chick chick" is getting all those click clicks. many noting it seems devolved
3:57 am
from past video success stories. those random animal sounds from what does the fox say and the apparent fascination with the barnyard in gangnam style, the most viral video of all time. ♪ even emulating psy's choreographed dance moves. and something they all have in common? simple and repetitive lyrics that mean just about nothing. translated from mandarin, he's carrying on about a mother hen and a little chick over and over again. ♪ all of it coming together to create the ultimate viral video, proof that there really is a method to all this madness. >> don't show that to your children. >> so what's the actual move? can you identify the actual move? >> you did the thing. there's a thing she does. but this is hard. gangnam style is kind of fun to listen to. this is annoying. >> it is very annoying. i can't take my eyes off of it. what's the gangnam style move?
3:58 am
>> it's this o
3:59 am
i'm the parent of a victim of sex trafficking. people need to know that even good kids from good neighborhoods are still vulnerable to this tricked environment where they're being taken off the street and put into bondage.
4:00 am
. making news in america this morning -- deadly storm. the lake effect snow still falling at this hour. six feet expected in some areas. new pictures overnight. plus the basketball team stranded for more than 24 hours. and new this morning, more fall youth from the sexual abuse allegations with bill cosby. harmful effect. turns out trans fat can do more than clog arteries. what doctors now say it's doing to your mind. and surprise pick. kimmy kim -- jimmy kimmel unveil's people's sexiest man


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